Circular economy

For Enel, the circular economy is a strategic lever to support our decarbonization strategy and the path to a fair and inclusive transition, with the aim of progressively applying it to our entire business model so that it becomes increasingly sustainable, resilient and competitive.

The achievement of increasingly ambitious decarbonization targets requires a profound transformation of the energy system, while at the same time entailing a growing need for raw materials with partly different requirements than those of the pre-existing energy system.

In our energy transition process, we have from the outset adopted an integrated approach that involves, on the one hand, the development of energy generation from renewable sources and the consequent abandonment of fossil fuels, and on the other hand, the adoption of a circular approach in the management of assets for the generation and distribution of electricity, both those at the end of their life and those in operation, thus embarking on a path to reduce the emissions associated with power generation from fossil fuels and the use of non-renewable materials.

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Circular economy

Enel X’s commitment to encouraging sustainability is also evident in the application of the principles of the circular economy. The Group applies these in all of its business areas.