Local and global communities

Local and global communities

Building solid and long-lasting relationships with local communities is a keystone of our strategy. It underpins a new development model that leaves no one behind, thanks to an inclusive approach that can create shared value for all stakeholders in the long term.

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More than one billion people around the world live with a disability. Most of them are to be found in poorer countries, and they make up the world’s largest minority (15% of the global population). For this category, participation in social and economic life, not to mention access to education and healthcare, is notably lower than that of the rest of the population. This is why we wanted to launch global and local projects to identify and meet the needs of our coworkers, customers and communities and to create inclusive products and services based on the “Design for all” methodology.

Value for Disability: contribution to the community

Various projects have been implemented with the aim of promoting skill development, employability and entrepreneurial spirit among people with disabilities. Examples include:

  • Colombia: “Emprende con Enel.” This initiative offers training and consultancy services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them to overcome the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic, giving priority to those who work toward inclusion and breaking down barriers for people with disabilities. The initiative was launched through the Open Innovability® platform. Of particular note is the sustainable tourism project that employs people with disabilities as guides.
  • Italy: The “Diversamente Chiosco project received a Cresco Award from the Group and the Fossacesia municipal council. This employment inclusion and training project was set up for young people with disabilities and entailed the opening of a café managed by individuals with these characteristics and/or difficulties with social interaction. During the weekends in July and August 2022 they served customers in the “piazzetta del bancomat” (literally, the “ATM square”) on the town’s seafront.
  • Romania: small grants were awarded through the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society to 13 NGOs that help people with disabilities (with a total of 650 beneficiaries). The support provided was flexible and inclusive, targeting specific needs and priorities identified by the project partners: it focused on those that are difficult to cover with the subsidies from traditional financial backers. Furthermore, a grant was assigned by the Fondazione Pentru Voi to better structure the activities of NGOs working with people with disabilities. A guide for accreditation was developed while methodologies were provided for organizations that offer professional mediation services to help people with disabilities enter the employment market.