Carlo Tamburi

Head of Country Italy

Carlo Tamburi has been the Italy Director of the Enel Group, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Enel Italia S.p.A. since July 2014.

Born in Rome in 1959, he graduated in Statistical Science at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is married and has two children.

He began his professional career in 1983 at Citibank in Milan, where he worked in International Finance and Corporate Finance for multinational clients.

He joined the Iri Group in 1990, first at the Cofiri Finance Company, then at the Finance department of Via Veneto, as Head of Large Public Company Privatization Processes.

The 1990s represented the consolidation of his training in the management of the dynamics of a large industrial conglomerate with an extensive portfolio of diversified investments, from industry and banking to the world of services.

In 2000, he became General Manager of the Treasury department of the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance, heading the Finance and Privatization department, serving as a Director of Finmeccanica, Alitalia, Wind, Consap, and Enel. He was also Chairman of the shipping company Tirrenia di Navigazione.

He joined Enel in 2002, where he initially took charge of the Mergers and Acquisitions department (2002-2005), capitalizing on his experience in privatization and corporate restructuring gained at IRI and the Italian Treasury to refocus the Enel Group's business on the electricity and gas market. He was later appointed Director of Purchasing, Services, General Affairs, and Real Estate (2005-2007) and in 2008 he became Director of the International Division until 2014, the year in which Enel introduced its new organizational structure.

His eight years at the head of the International Division included some important milestones for Enel: the entry into the Russian market with the acquisition of the listed company OGK 5, the construction and management of Slovakian nuclear power plants, the development of the retail market in Romania, the partnership with EDF in France for the construction of the Flamanville nuclear power plant, the management of partnerships with the governments in Eastern Europe, and sales in Bulgaria, Greece, and Belgium, to name just a few.

Carlo Tamburi currently holds the following positions:

Member of the Board of Directors of the MAXXI Foundation, of the Energy Technical Committee of Confindustria, of the Advisory Board of Confimprese, of the Council of the Civita Association and of the Board of Directors of the Roman Polyphonic Choir of Oratorio del Gonfalone, as well as being a member of the Board of Directors of the Civitas Lateranensis Foundation, the General Council of the Aspen Institute Italy, and Ambassador of the Dynamo Camp Onlus Association.


La prossima città (ed. Mimesis Edizioni, Milan – Udine, 2017) - Chapter “Immaginare, progettare e creare le città del futuro” (“Imagining, designing, and creating the cities of the future”).


Last updated: January 2018


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