Elisabetta Ripa

Head of Enel X Way

Elisabetta Ripa was born in Turin in 1965. After graduating in Economics and Commerce at La Sapienza University in Rome, she completed her management training with a Master’s in Operational Management at INSEAD in Fontainebleau.

Her career began in Promomedia Italia in 1988. In 1990 she joined the Telecom Group (then SIP) as Head of Strategic Planning for Mobile Services, serving in various roles with significant managerial responsibility in different fields, including Business Development, Finance and International Development.

In 2005, the year of the merger between Telecom Italia and TIM, she became Head of the Group’s strategic marketing, going on to coordinate relationships with institutional investors.

In 2011 she became Head of the Mobile Services Division for the Consumer segment (TIM), and in 2013 she was appointed Managing Director of the Sparkle Group.

In 2015 she was made Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Argentina SA.

In 2018 she became Managing Director and General Manager of Open Fiber, a role that she served in until August 2021.

Formerly Chair of Personal S.A., LanMed Nautilus Ltd and TIS North America Inc., she has also served on the boards of Avea in Turkey, StetHellas and Autogrill SpA.

In 2018 she joined the President’s Council of Asstel and the Advisory Board of IAB Italy.

In 2019 she was included on Forbes’ list of Italy’s most successful women and she also won the Bellisario award in the Management category.

In May 2021 she was appointed to the board of Telenor.

In November 2021 she became Head of the Enel X Way Business Line.

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