The internal control and risk management system

The internal control and risk management system (“SCIGR”) consists of the set of rules, procedures, and organizational entities aimed at allowing the main corporate risks within the Group to be identified, measured, managed, and monitored.

The SCIGR, in particular, helps to ensure the safeguarding of assets, the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, the reliability of financial reporting and compliance with laws and regulations and the Bylaws and internal procedures.

The SCIGR plays, therefore, a central role in the organization, contributing to the adoption of decisions and consistent with the risk appetite, as well as the spread of a correct understanding of the risks, the law and corporate values. In particular, they are involved in SCIGR the following subjects:

Board of Directors

Control and Risk Committee

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Director in Charge of the SCIGR

Board of Statutory Auditors

Head of the Audit Function

Second-level control system

Executive in Charge

Supervisory Body